A break-down of all services provided by us:


-Engine spec'ing, building, rebuilding, fault finding and installation specialists

-Full live mapping of Life, Pectel, OMEX, DTA, Autronic and Motec

-Full corner weight and geometry setup facility

-Custom and replacement WRC spec wiring looms and electrical fault finding

- Transmission rebuilds undertaken

-12,000rpm / 1000bhp engine dyno facilities

-Full head porting service available on-site

On Site


On-site we have our own machine room allowing bespoke alterations and creations to be carried out. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality to our work while cutting down on turn around time. 

The room features a lathe, bench drill and skimming machine suitable for heads, flywheels, blocks and more.

 We also have a three-car fitting bay, extensive engine building room, fuel injection testing, a Stuska engine dyno , large component storage area and a busy office. 

Engines we Work on: